5th Annual Freedom Cup Invitational Registration Process

June 8th - 10th, 2018

The 5th annual Freedom Cup Invitational Soccer Tournament is a great way for teams to wrap up the Spring season and welcome Summer.  Teams from across the northeast will be sending players to Freehold to take part in this weekend of competitive soccer.

This GotSoccer points-awarded tournament is sanctioned by both US Club Soccer and the USYSA and played under the jurisdiction of the NJYSA and will allow teams the chance to vie for the right to hoist the Freedom Cup.  Over 130 teams participated in the 2017 tournament.

· All teams will play a minimum of 3 games with the chance to play in a final

· A 1-man referee system will be used for U8 through U10 for all qualifying games and a 3-man referee system will be used for championship games

· A 3-man referee system will be used for U11 through U15 for all games

· All 16 fields spread across 3 venues offer pristine natural grass fields

· Preferential scheduling for coaches of multiple teams

· Food and merchandise vendors located at each site with plenty of room for teams to setup tents and enjoy time between games

· Complimentary parking

· A champions cup awarded to each team that finishes in first place

· Trophies awarded to first and second place team players in all age divisions

· Every player participating in the tournament receives a tournament giveaway

· The exchanging of club patches is optional but encouraged.

Located just minutes from the beautiful Jersey Shore, this weekend will provide teams not only competitive soccer but the release they need after a hard day on the pitch.


Games will be played at site locations in Freehold on Friday (local teams only), Saturday and Sunday (all teams).

All teams participating must have approved player passes, medical release forms, and a copy of their approved roster. NJYS teams do not to have their medical release forms notarized. Medical releases for USYSA teams from states other than New Jersey do not need to be notarized if their respective State Association does not require them to be notarized. Out of State USYSA teams need to have Permission to Travel from their State Association to participate. US Club Soccer teams do need medical releases but they do not need to be notarized. US Club Soccer teams do not need Permission to Travel.

Online registration and payment is used for the tournament and credit card and e-check are the only accepted payment methods for the tournament.  No payments will be accepted at the tournament.  If your team is not accepted for any reason, you will receive a full refund.  If you are accepted and drop out, you will forfeit your application fee.


Make sure to select the age group for which you will be participating in the  2018 Spring Season

· The tournament is open to all Club teams that participate in classic, regular, or premier league play.

· No State Select team or teams formed solely for the purpose of tournament play are eligible.

· U8 (2010), U9 (2009) and U10 (2008) are limited to a maximum of fourteen (14) rostered players (including 3 guest players)

· U11 (2007) and U12 (2006) are limited to a maximum of sixteen (16) rostered players (including 3 guest players)

· U13 (2005), U14 (2004) and U15 (2003) are limited to a maximum of 18 rostered players (including 3 guest players)

· Players may only participate on one team during the tournament.

· Secondary player passes are permitted.


U8 (2010), U9 (2009) and U10 (2008) will play (7v7) short sided

U11 (2007) and U12 (2006) will play (9v9) short sided

U13 (2005), U14 (2004) and U15 (2003) will play (11v11) full sided

All teams will play a minimum of 3 games with the chance to play in a final

A 1-man referee system will be used for U8 (2010), U9 (2009) and U10 (2008) age groups for all qualifying games and a 3-man referee system will be used for championship games

A 3-man referee system will be used for U11 through U15 age groups for all games

$445 U8 (2010), U9 (2009), U10 (2008)

$545 U11 (2007), U12 (2006)

$645 U13 (2005), U14 (2004), U15 (2003)

Teams which have participated in the 2017 Frightfest Tournament will receive a $100.00 registration fee discount upon acceptance.


All applications must be received by Sunday, May 20, 2018 which is when the application process will be closed.


All registration will be done via e-registration and teams must register electronically on GotSoccer. E-registration will be open from Monday, May 21, 2018 through Sunday, June 3, 2018.

Instructions for e-registration are: You will receive a confirmation email that you are registered. If you do not receive this email, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED and you should contact tournamentregistration@freeholdsoccer.com.


  • Signed Team Information Sheet

For US Youth Soccer, NJYS or State Passes

  • Player passes (the side with the pass/id #) including guest players.
  • Stamped roster
  • Guest players included on tournament roster.

For US Club Soccer

  • Player passes (the side with the pass/id #) including guest players.
  • US Club roster  
  • Guest players written on roster  
  • Player loan form for guest players

For all teams outside of the state of NJ using US Youth Soccer Cards

  • The same documentation as above, PLUS approved Permission to Travel Form


After you have gathered the appropriate documents to register your team, please scan or create PDF files for each document type, as they will be uploaded separately.  Please use appropriately descriptive names:

  • Official State or US Club Roster
  • Tournament Roster
  • Player Passes
  • Team Information Form

It is recommended when scanning multiple player cards to fill as many on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper as possible, thus requiring fewer "ID Card" attachments.  Please be sure to combine all of the player passes into a single pdf and please be sure to keep docs under 6 MB.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Login to www.gotsoccer.com with your username and password
  • Click on the 5th Annual Freedom Cup Soccer Tournament
  • Go to the tab that says “Documents”

Once you're at that point, you can upload the following information into GotSoccer:

  • Official State Roster or US Club Roster
  • Tournament Roster (Please note: No player will be permitted to play if they are not on the tournament roster)
  • Player Passes
  • Team Information Sheet (Form can be downloaded from the E-Registration page.)

Below is instructions on how to set your team tournament roster and how to add a guest player.

Tournament Roster

  • In the event registration history page click on the roster for that event.
  • The page that comes up is your tournament roster.
  • Make sure all ID's and jersey numbers are correct and filled in. You may need to change the default setting depending on what cards you are using.  If your player pass numbers do not reflect the passes you will be using for the tournament you must change the setting. You do this by clicking “default” in the line as
    • Registration
    • Submitted
    • Accepted
    • ID#s
    • Docs
    • The default setting is NJYS passes (for NJ teams) you can then change to player ID# to US Club passes if you wish
  • Make sure to click save.
  • All guest players must also be listed here as well as hand written on your official roster.
  • A copy of this is what you will be uploading into the tournament roster section.

Adding a Guest Player

  • On the home page of your GotSoccer account click on “Roster” on the light gray line
  • Click on any players name
  • At bottom of player page there will be a button for add another player
  • Add guest info into this page (player-new player)
  • At bottom hit save this should take you back to your roster
  • Go back to your events page found at the top dark gray line
  • At the events page click on the roster for the event you are attending
  • Scroll down to second roster
  • Here you will find the player you just added with an “Add” button on the same line as there name
  • Press the “add” button which will add them to the top roster (the top roster is your Tournament Roster)

Please remember when uploading your player passes Freehold Soccer needs the side with the pass/id #.